By Professor Lord Alton of Liverpool

Lord Alton says activists in Iran continue to be in "extreme danger", but will not be defeated by government violence.

Recently, a representative of the Iranian cybercrimes police took to the country’s state media to boast of the regime’s successes in disrupting peaceful networks on Instagram and other social media. This brought Western media attention to a series of arrests that had taken place in March as part of a sting operation called “Spider II.”  The Iranian internet has turned into a cultural battleground where secular, pro-democratic ideas are aggressively battled by the Iranian regime.

by Lord Maginnis of Drumglass

Obama’s deceit means future policies can’t be accepted at face value

It can be no surprise how political debate on the West’s policy toward Iran has intensified in the wake of the recent New York Times Magazine article revealing the deliberate deceptions carried out by the Obama administration to justify its nuclear negotiations and its broader policy of appeasement.

By the Rt Hon. David Jones MP

Former Cabinet Minister David Jones MP calls for greater protection of civilians in Aleppo and calls on Western nations to press Iran to end its support for the Assad regime.

The extension of the ceasefire around the city of Aleppo is a welcome development.  Now  the international efforts in Geneva should focus on adopting urgent, robust measures to ensure that it is fully respected.

By Lord Maginnis of Drumglass

While the European Union has properly called on Albania to carry out judicial reform in order for talks to progress towards its full membership of the bloc, the tiny Balkan state must surely be commended for its practical activity on the international stage insofar as it contributes towards the prevention of a humanitarian disaster in the making.