Huffington Post - By Brian Binley

As President Obama continues to struggle to find a solution for Iran's increasingly threatening nuclear stance, he should realise that the most powerful weapon the US can deploy now is not the sanctions of diplomacy, nor the missiles of war.

Following the Conference on Syria in Istanbul on 1 April, U.S. Secretary of State Clinton said:

{mosimage}BPCIF: Baroness Boothroyd chaired the meeting in the Parliament on 31 January 2012. She raised serious questions about relocation of Ashraf residents and said: some of us ask ourselves why did these people have to leave Ashraf to enable United Nations to start its work identifying each and every one of the 3300 people there? Why could not they go through the usual UN refugee procedures without having to relocate inside Iraq?

{mosimage}I want to condemn wholeheartedly the violent attacks on Camp Ashraf residents earlier this month and at the end of December.

{mosimage}Ashraf is a signal of hope: The hope for freedom and respect for human rights for those millions who cry freedom in Iran itself. It is a voice that drifts over the desert sand, crosses that border into Iran itself and gives those people renewed hope, spirit and determination to stand up to one of the vilest regimes on this planet.