{mosimage}AFP - Britain on Monday condemned Iran's behaviour in fueling violence in neighbouring Iraq as "unacceptable," calling on Tehran to become a constructive partner with the West or face greater isolation.

{mosimage}Baroness Harris of Richmond addressed the largest gathering of Iranians in Paris on July 1, 2006.
"I stand here as a representative of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom. But also as the voice of a great many colleagues in the British Houses of Parliament, who wholeheartedly and actively support your cause for freedom and democracy in Iran," Baroness Harris said.

{mosimage}Lord Russell-Johnston, former chairman of the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe, addressed a group of Norwegian lawmakers at a meeting at the Norwegian parliament in Oslo on November 8, 2006. The following is the text of his speech:

{mosimage}Lord Archer of Sandwell, QC, addressed a conference at the British Parliament organized by the BPCIF on December 7, 2006. More than 25 Members of Parliament and Peers attended the conference and declared their support for the call by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi for democratic change in Iran.