By Sir David Amess MP

When 2015 drew to a close, I was dismayed to see that many leading Western policy makers were still clinging to the notion of a moderate Iranian regime. At the same time, President Hassan Rouhani of Iran was continuing to exploit the moderate appearance of his regime in order to encourage more Western conciliation and deflect further scrutiny. Now sanctions have been lifted on Iran by Western powers, the insincerity of Rouhani’s regime has become more visible.

By Steve McCabe MP

There are not too many issues that attract bipartisan support in Washington, D.C., these days. One exception is a strong cross-party desire to confront Iran’s continuing direct involvement in and sponsorship of extremist violence.

The latest example occurred on October 29, when more than 80 rockets rained down on innocent Iranians in the Camp Liberty refugee center located near the Baghdad International Airport.

By Lord Maginnis of Drumglass

“Silence on Tehran’s abysmal human rights record is and must not an option.”

Whether one supports the nuclear deal with Iran or not, one must accept that it is the new reality in which further Western policies toward Iran will have to operate.

By Lord Clarke of Hampstead CBE

IT appears that the recent nuclear agreement with Iran will survive, and we can only hope that the monitoring and verification will be strong enough to keep the Mullahs under intensive scrutiny to safeguard against any secret efforts to evade or undermine it.