{mosimage}The Sun - The world has three options as it faces the terrifying prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran. It can watch the mullahs build nukes and hold the world to ransom. It can denounce American aggression- while secretly counting on the world's only superpower to ride to everyone's rescue. Or it can encourage the Iranian people themselves to topple the fanatics who threaten global Armageddon.

{mosimage}The Scotsman - Scotland’s oldest university has got it wrong in deciding to bestow an honorary degree on Iran’s former president, says Lord Russel-Johnston

{mosimage}Press Association - Claims that the Iranian regime was using “banned” machinery to further its alleged nuclear weapons programme were made at a Westminster news conference today.

{mosimage}The Birmingham Post

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale

In 2002 President Bush labelled Iran as part of the "Axis of Evil"; now Tony Blair is saying this state – in conjunction with Syria – may hold the key to a peaceful Middle East. Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, former MP for Erdington, argues why taking a firm line with Tehran's rulers is the only option.