{mosimage}New Europe - By Baroness Turner of Camden - "The conditions in Camp Liberty are synonymous with those in a detention centre", says the report. "The situation of the residents of Camp Liberty is tantamount to that of detainees or prisoners."
Make no mistakes. This is not an extract from a propaganda sheet produced by a refugee support group, but rather a quote from the United Nations Human Rights Council Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.

UPI - By Brian Binley - It is a sad day when a U.N. ambassador becomes the stooge of a repressive regime but it's happening. Martin Kobler, the United Nations' Iraq envoy, has brought shame on the institution by allowing himself to be duped into doing Baghdad's dirty work.

{mosimage}Mail Online - By Lord Carlile Of Berriew - The US State Department should feel ashamed of itself. Rather than stand up for the humanitarian rights of defenseless refugees, State Department officials have decided to side with the murderous Iraqi regime.

{mosimage}UPI-By Lord King - Many eyes will be focused on the U.N. Security Council this week when it hears a report from the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq Martin Kobler. Of particular interest will be how he tries to explain away the ineffective job he has done regarding a group of Iranian dissidents who have been mistreated by the Iraqi government.