{mosimage}"We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the continuing siege of Ashraf and any attempt to forcibly displace its residents" A majority of backbench MPs on 11 March 2010 called on the Government to take urgent measures at the United Nations for the world body to protect 3,400 Iranian opposition members based at Camp Ashraf in Iraq. The cross-party MPs were backed in their call by more than 150 Peers. The announcement was made at a press conference in the House of Commons, where MPs and Peers spoke in defence of the PMOI opposition group in Camp Ashraf.

Transcript of speech by Rt. Hon. Lord Archer of Sandwell QC:
{mosimage}The ancient Greeks had a saying. I cannot remember the original Greek but I hope you will forgive me for that. It translates as “Whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad”. History has numerous examples of tyrants, people who hate the human race who thought that they were indestructible. They had seemed to get away with it and nobody could stop them, but they always overreached themselves. They always went further than their support went and so their support fell away and the world could see them for what they were. History is littered with them and we are seeing it now with the mullahs.

In Iran, we have seen the true face of the mullahs.  We have seen the rape, the torture, the execution of minors and the stoning of women. The human rights situation in Iran is so bad that various bodies of the United Nations have condemned the regime on more than 55 occasions.  The mullahs hold the record for condemnation by international human rights bodies.

Seeing what goes on in Iran, we don’t have to persuade anyone of the threats posed to the residents of Camp Ashraf by the Iranian regime.  We know that the mullahs are desperately trying, through various means, to have the residents of Ashraf forcibly displaced.  At the same time, at the behest of the mullahs, the Iraqi authorities maintain their siege on Ashraf and continue to disrupt the flow of food, water, medicines and fuel into the Camp.  Our message today is clear, we condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the continuing siege of Ashraf and any attempt to forcibly displace its residents.

The interesting thing is that for many years while all the trampling on human rights was going on in Iran, the rest of the world did not seem to want to know. It is easy to bear with fortitude the misfortunes of other people and say it is not our business.

Well, I venture to say that it is our business when Iran is at the centre of a web of terrorism. The mullahs are not only responsible for terrorism in Iran, but they export it to Lebanon and Iraq. When the most active state sponsor of terrorism is building nuclear weapons it is our business.

But the mullahs were not satisfied with just exporting their terrorism. They also announced that they wanted to wipe Israel off the face of the map.  We found that they then began to process uranium for what they described as peaceful purposes.  Nobody believes them.  In fact, the world disbelieves almost everything they said.

In Iran, we have seen the people out on the streets protesting and they have been doing it in spite of all the attempts to brutally repress them. We have seen the mullahs' deadly response, but there are people brave enough to go onto the streets and demand their rights.  Inspired by the residents of Ashraf, the Iranian people have declared to the world that they want to see end of the mullahs.

So, whom the Gods want to destroy they first make mad. Thank heaven for it, because we can then witness their madness. Tyrants before have been destroyed not by the rest of the world, but by their own wickedness. I believe that is what we are witnessing in Iran now and that is why I believe that soon this nightmare will be over. All of the sacrifices of the PMOI and the Iranian people would have been worth it, as Iran will take centre stage in the international community.