{mosimage}"We will continue to do everything we can, and more, to avert a further humanitarian crisis in Camp Ashraf" A majority of backbench MPs on 11 March 2010 called on the Government to take urgent measures at the United Nations for the world body to protect 3,400 Iranian opposition members based at Camp Ashraf in Iraq. The cross-party MPs were backed in their call by more than 150 Peers. The announcement was made at a press conference in the House of Commons, where MPs and Peers spoke in defence of the PMOI opposition group in Camp Ashraf.

Transcript of speech by David Drew MP:
{mosimage}You have heard emotive and moral reasons as to why those of us who support this cause do so wholeheartedly and believe we are right. I wanted to address a point about the left.  They have got it into their heads that if you are in any way attacking Iran then you are in favour of military action or in favour of a full scale invasion.  Having been through Afghanistan and Iraq, I think some of us will caution that we feel very hard about that. It is entirely wrongheaded to believe that if you actually stand as we do against the regime in Tehran then we believe that there is a military answer to this and that is the one we stand with.  That is wrong.  It is mixing up two things. The fact is that we have a totally undemocratic and tyrannical regime in Tehran at the moment and we must do all we can through normal diplomatic and other pressures to bring that to an end. That is not the same as launching some military escapade.  As Madam Rajavi has said on many occasions, the answer to the threats posed by the Iranian regime is neither appeasement nor external military interference.  Instead, the Iranian people and their organised resistance can bring about the necessary change in Iran.

I should also note that we are gathered here to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis in Camp Ashraf, a humanitarian disaster no less than what is happening in Gaza, Darfur or the Democratic Republic of Congo.  What is happening in Camp Ashraf is a humanitarian crisis.  It is for us to make this government, the US government and the governments across the developed world understand that you cannot threaten the people in Camp Ashraf without creating yet another humanitarian disaster of the scale we've seen elsewhere.

I always think we are not doing enough to get across to this government that what is going on is unacceptable. I leave you with this thought.  In the same way that we get upset with those great centres of inhumanity at the moment we must get really upset with the threats of people being taken out of their safe haven and driven to all four corners of the world, including of course the dangers if they are driven back to Iran.  That is something we cannot accept, we must do much more to bring it home to people and we have the means for doing it.  Let's be honest, Iraq is not a free independent state.  It is certainly under American influence and to some extent still British influence.  If we can't influence Iraq then what is the point of believing that we can influence anyone.  We have got to do more.  The message for the day is that we will continue to do everything we can, and more, to avert a further humanitarian crisis in Camp Ashraf.