{mosimage}"The UN must provide a full time protection around Camp Ashraf. Their current monitoring presence is simply not good enough and does nothing to stop the terror and abuse being applied by the agents of Iran" A majority of backbench MPs on 11 March 2010 called on the Government to take urgent measures at the United Nations for the world body to protect 3,400 Iranian opposition members based at Camp Ashraf in Iraq. The cross-party MPs were backed in their call by more than 150 Peers. The announcement was made at a press conference in the House of Commons, where MPs and Peers spoke in defence of the PMOI opposition group in Camp Ashraf.

Transcript of speech by Brian Binley MP:
{mosimage}I am most pleased to add my name to this statement with regard to Camp Ashraf and it gives me incredible pleasure to again pledge the support of the majority of British backbench MPs and over 150 Peers for the cause of the Iranian Resistance movement based in Camp Ashraf.
MPs and Peers from all Parties have signed this joint statement, calling on our Government and on the United States government and on the United Nations to ensure that the rights of the Iranian opposition in Camp Ashraf are respected.
British Parliamentarians have for many years been steadfast in their support of the struggle for the Iranian people’s democratic movement and in this present period of what many see as huge opportunity for change in Iran this support is a clear message to the people of Iran that we stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the battle against the tyrants that rule over them.
The members and supporters of the PMOI, Iran’s largest opposition movement based at Camp Ashraf, have long been at the forefront of the struggle against the current Iranian regime. For many years Camp Ashraf residents have inspired a generation of Iranians who have seen nothing but the tyranny of Ayatollah Khamenei and his supporters. That tyranny however has been unravelling in recent months thanks to the Iranian people themselves who have taken to the streets in their millions and caused massive consternation to Iran’s leaders through their widespread protests calling for democracy and freedom and we applaud them.
Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance movement has rightly said that democratic change in Iran is vital not only for the Iranian people but also for the international community, not least because democracy in Iran will make a massive contribution to peace and stability in the region. In truth a non-nuclear Iran seems to me to be only possible once the Iranian people and Resistance have cleansed the country of the mullahs’ regime.
As the regime remains bewildered by the democratic demands of the Iranian people, it has once again lashed out at the opposition movement both within Iran and in exile. We have seen in recent months, thousands of opposition supporters in Iran arrested. We have seen torture and we know of hundreds who have been killed. In tandem with that internal terror, the Iranian regime has run a campaign of violence against residents of Camp Ashraf and has denied them the basic necessities of life.
Unfortunately, the mullahs’ regime has found a friend in Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki who has been more than happy seemingly to carry out the demands of the Iranian regime on Iraqi soil. Mr Al-Maliki now appears to be acting as an agent of the Iranian regime and his objective seems to be to satisfy the demands of the Mullahs. It was his Iraqi government responding to the demands of Ayatollah Khamenei which carried out the bloody attack on Camp Ashraf last summer, killing 11 unarmed residents and injuring hundreds more. This is the man who has denied the residents medical supplies, denied them food, denied them water and denied them fuel, and the man should be ashamed of himself.
As Mr Al-Maliki should know dancing to the tune of the mullahs wins him no friends in the democratic world or amongst the Iraqi people themselves who under his leadership have seen Tehran’s grip over Iraq tighten. The world is watching his actions closely and freedom loving peoples everywhere demand that the Iraqi government whether lead by Al-Maliki or not must act in accordance with international law and must respect the rights of the Camp Ashraf residents as defined in the Geneva Convention.
It is vital that the UN and the US act immediately to prevent the rights of those residents being breached. Agents of the Iranian regime have already been allowed to gather outside Camp Ashraf, threatening the residents with further violence and attacks. The UN and the US must know that they have a duty to intervene.
The demands of the majority of backbench MPs and the 150 Peers who joined with them and who have added their names to our petition are simple. The UN must provide a full time protection around Camp Ashraf. Their current monitoring presence is simply not good enough and does nothing to stop the terror and abuse being applied by the agents of Iran. The UN must further guarantee that the residents receive all the basic necessities of life and this must be supported by a guarantee from the US authorities that Ashraf residents will not be forcibly displaced and their protection will be guaranteed. Our own government in the UK has an equally vital role to play in compelling Iraq to lift the unlawful siege on Ashraf, especially since it was a part of the coalition which went into Iraq to free those people and helped bring Mr. Al-Maliki to power.
At the very least they should recognise that British troops gave their lives to create a free and democratic Iraq. We must not let Mr. Al-Maliki and his supporters diminish that sacrifice.
Once again I congratulate the Iranian people on their great courage and tenacity. They are an example to us all. They have taken a brave step towards freedom and democracy, and the Iranian regime and its supporters should know that their days are numbered. Their violent and brutal regime has held back the true wishes of the Iranian people for a free society for long enough. They will soon be history. They must soon be history.