{mosimage}The simple fact is that Ashraf does represent the opposition to what is happening in Iran.


It's good to spend a few moments with you today. I hope that the people in our Foreign Office are hearing the protest that is going on outside. Look, I am sure everyone else has said this, you know this, so I do not want to labour the point, but the simple fact is that Ashraf does represent the opposition to what is happening in Iran.
Ashraf represents a chance for something different. That is why the Iranian authorities are determined to crush it. That is why they are executing people like Ali Saremi and others who have shown their support, and it is simply the kind of thing that we cannot accept in a civilised world.
The people in Ashraf are a "protected people". This country went to war in Iraq to free the Iraqi people from a dictatorship. It cost a lot of lives and it is hardly worth it if the result now is for the Mullahs in Tehran to decide what happens in Iraq, and that is what is happening in terms of Ashraf at the moment.
Anyone looking at the situation, where the Camp has been surrounded by these loudspeakers knows perfectly well what is happening. You do not bring that sort of equipment into an area without it being noticed and you do not bring it along to jolly people along. This is a deliberate and well tried psychological terror tactic. It is the sort of thing that would have been familiar in Nazi Germany or Stalin's Russia. It is not the sort of thing we want to see happening in a liberated Iraq and it is not the sort of thing the Iraqi authorities should be encouraging or turning a blind eye to.
In that context what I hope will result from your demonstration is that the British government will join forces with other governments across the world to say that The Ashraf Suppression Committee must be dissolved; the loudspeakers must be removed and Ashraf must be subject to international inspection and UN protection. Thank you very much.