{mosimage}The Rt. Hon. Lord Slynn of Hadley (C/B) addressed 30,000 Iranians rallying in Brussels on March 8 simultaneous with the EU heads of state summit. The following is the text of Lord Slynn’s speech:



The European court of Justice has taken a very important decision. A landmark judgment, important for the law and very important for the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI). On the material which they have produced so far there was no way they could appeal the decision against them. On the material which they have produced they should realise that the time has come to make a change.

Your presence here today does two things, it gives a message saying to the [European] Council “chuck it Council, take them off from the list and bring the whole thing about this proscription of the PMOI to an end.”

But it does a second thing which is no less important. Members of the PMOI in Ashraf have done a great job; people with great courage and commitment for whom I have the highest respect and regard.

Your presence here is encouraging to them and although you can’t see them, they will see you on their television in Ashraf and they will be very grateful to you. So for them as well as for the PMOI, I say thank you for being here and for your support.