{mosimage}Mr. Roger Gale, MP (Conservative) addressed 30,000 Iranians rallying in Brussels on March 8 simultaneous with the EU heads of state summit. The following is the text of Mr. Gale’s speech:



Good afternoon, we are all here today to support what we believe to be a just cause. We believe that the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI) offers a very real and a very positive way forward for democracy in Iran. The government of my country, Britain, believes apparently that the PMOI is a terrorist organisation. The government of my country believes therefore that the PMOI should continue to be proscribed. I believe that the government of my country is profoundly wrong.

Gathered in this city today, are heads of states of the European countries, they are discussing important issues, they want us to believe in them. They tell us that they believe in democracy and that they believe in rule of law. Well, if they believe in the rule of law, let them obey their rule of law. Because when the ministers go back to their own countries without recognising the findings of the Court of First Instance and without lifting the proscription from the PMOI then nobody will believe them and they will go back to their countries in shame.