{mosimage}Ashraf is a signal of hope: The hope for freedom and respect for human rights for those millions who cry freedom in Iran itself. It is a voice that drifts over the desert sand, crosses that border into Iran itself and gives those people renewed hope, spirit and determination to stand up to one of the vilest regimes on this planet.

{mosimage}I hope the message has been seen by people all over the world, that we will not forget Camp Ashraf.

{mosimage}The simple fact is that Ashraf does represent the opposition to what is happening in Iran.

{mosimage}You know the situation in Ashraf – in fact many of you know it better than I. I know it is a totally unacceptable situation for a free people who were guaranteed the status they were guaranteed to be under oppression by a government which was set up directly as a result of the sacrifices made by many people from the military forces of the free world, but certainly many from this country. I simply find the whole situation totally unacceptable.