The Times - Iran has expanded its capacity to enrich uranium and now has 3,000 centrifuges operating — enough potentially to produce an atom bomb within a year — the United Nations nuclear watchdog reported yesterday.

The Sunday Times - The government faces a diplomatic row with America over disclosures that it has provided the Iranian regime with financial support worth about £290m while at the same time calling for sanctions.

{mosimage}Sunday Telegraph - Recent events have again highlighted the most baffling riddle of our foreign policy. Why, in striking contrast to the new hard line of Washington, is the European Union, led by the British Government, going out of its way to appease the brutal and fanatical regime whose terrorist activities do more than anything else to destabilise the Middle East, from the Lebanon to Afghanistan? Iran has been stepping up its reign of terror at home, hanging scores of its own people, many in public (corpses dangling from cranes were recently placed outside the Australian and Japanese embassies in Teheran).

{mosimage}Ealing Times: Mojtaba Rabiee and his family closed down their Acton coffee shop to travel to Paris for the conference attended by 50,000 people. The event, held at Parisian commune Villepinte, was attended by MPs, EU representatives and US congressmen. The event was attended by a parliamentary delegation including Lord Slynn of Hadley, Andrew Mackinlay MP and Brian Binley MP.