{mosimage}United Press International, By Baroness Gould of Potternewton: Iran under the mullahs is the only country in the world that continues to hang children, and it has an equally sinister track record over its treatment of women.

{mosimage}Middle East Times, By Dr. Rudi Vis MP: As a UK delegate to the Council of Europe, Europe has always been at the heart of much of the political work that I have done throughout my career. It is through such experience that I believe the Council of Europe and the European Union can do a great deal to achieve success on a number of the most challenging international issues.

{mosimage}The Western Mail - The Government is giving a group of Iranian refugees a “raw deal” by refusing to withdraw a ruling that they belong to a terrorist organisation, according to Welsh politicians.

{mosimage}Guardian Unlimited, By Lord Corbett of Castle Vale: A judgment last year described the government's ban on Iran's PMOI as 'unlawful' - will Jack Straw ever admit to his part in it?