{mosimage}The Scotsman: Banning the PMOI prevented a legitimate organisation from fighting an oppressive regime, writes Lord Waddington
Rule of law and due process are the bedrock upon which all liberty and justice are based.  Throughout history, untold numbers of brave men and women have paid a dear price in effort, fortune, and even life itself, to bequeath to us the rule of law. Unfortunately, through neglect and design, if not protected, the rule of law and all those values which it protects and we hold dear can be undermined. 

Press Association - The British Government was today accused of siding with the mullahs in Iran rather than with the “just” resistance movement of the Iranian people. Tory MP Brian Binley spoke out at a Westminster meeting of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom, at which Britain was accused of trying to undermine the ruling of the European Court of Justice to remove the PMOI from the EU’s terrorist list.

The Irish Times: Some of the finest legal brains in Britain came to Brussels last week to defend the fundamental rights of the People’s Mujahedeen Organisation of Iran (PMOI)

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, Chairman of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom, does an interview on Sky News over the issue of the British marines and sailors who were kidnapped by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.