{mosimage}A delegation from the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom took part in a conference in Brussels, calling on the EU to respect the December 12 ruling by the European Court of Justice which called for the removal of the main Iranian opposition group, PMOI, from the terrorist list. The event received widespread media coverage. Inside you will find pictures taken by the Associated Press news agency.

{mosimage}The Sunday Telegraph - She is the female figurehead of what she hopes will become a new Iranian revolution. Now, after almost 25 years in exile, the world is beginning to beat a path to her door.

{mosimage}The Birmingham Post
The Perspective
As Iran's stance becomes increasingly hostile towards the West, Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, argues the country's leaders are raising their voices to veil their own fears.

{mosimage}The Daily Telegraph -  Diplomatic pressure should be targeted at isolating the president of Iran before further, fateful steps are contemplated, we argued in our leader columns this week. Quite right. But what prospect is there of using the courts to undermine Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?