{mosimage}Agence France Presse

LONDON (AFP) - The British government is to face a legal challenge to force it to remove an exiled Iranian opposition group from a list of organisations banned under anti-terrorism laws, politicians said.

{mosimage}Press Association

Britain was accused by a Labour peer today of “shamefully” having persuaded the European Union to defy a ruling of the European Court on the status of Iran’s principal resistance group.

{mosimage}The Universe

Lord Alton of Liverpool

For those of us who have been following developments in Iran for over two decades, these are critical times.

Critical, because Western governments are facing a threat of historic proportions in the way they deal with the Iranian challenge.

{mosimage}The Guardian

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Archer of Sandwell

Engaging the mullahs is futile - the international community must instead encourage the resistance.