{mosimage}Press Association - Claims that the Iranian regime was using “banned” machinery to further its alleged nuclear weapons programme were made at a Westminster news conference today.

{mosimage}The Birmingham Post

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale

In 2002 President Bush labelled Iran as part of the "Axis of Evil"; now Tony Blair is saying this state – in conjunction with Syria – may hold the key to a peaceful Middle East. Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, former MP for Erdington, argues why taking a firm line with Tehran's rulers is the only option.

{mosimage}The Birmingham Post

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, better known as former Erdington MP Robin, bemoans the forthcoming visit to Britain of an old foe

{mosimage}The Washington Times - By Lord Waddington

Iran's fundamentalist rulers are the masters of deception and their president is no exception. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appears to swear by the old Iranian adage -- the best way to lessen the appearance of defeat is to give the impression of attack. It is about time the West played him at his own game with some "attacking" of its own.