The West must pressure the government of Iraq to free the hostages abducted from Camp Ashraf

By Dr Matthew Offord MP

On October 28, I joined a cross-party panel at a conference in Church House, Westminster, with dozens of my colleagues from both Houses of Parliament to talk about Iran and what we, in the U.K., can do in the face of appalling atrocities committed by the Iranian regime.

By Steve McCabe MP

Imagine if seven British citizens had been taken hostage in a foreign land and couldn't be located, that's exactly what has happened to seven members of an Iranian opposition group but there has been little news coverage of this affair.

They were seized Sept. 1 from a refugee camp in Iraq while supposedly under the protection of the United Nations.

On the day the Iraqi Prime Minister goes to Washington DC for talks Lord Maginnis asks the Obama administration to push for the release of seven Iranian dissidents who have been captured

By Lord Maginnis of Drumglass

The United States is in the middle of a federal government shutdown that’s been brought on by the legislature’s failure to put away party differences to the extent required to pass a budget bill and vote to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. The shutdown has put numerous government employees temporarily out of work, has closed public parks, and threatens the continued functioning of diverse government services.

By Brian Binley MP

Unspeakable torture and a high possibility of impending death awaits seven Iranian dissidents who are currently being held illegally by Iraqi forces. And it seems the international community is simply watching and waiting until this becomes a reality.