{mosimage}Reuters - Terrorist blacklists drawn up by the United Nations and the European Union violate basic human rights, a Swiss investigator working for Europe's leading human rights forum has said. In a report released on Sunday, Dick Marty highlighted the case of the People's Mujahideen of Iran, which forms part of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and is on an EU blacklist despite a European Court ruling in 2006 saying it should be removed from the list.

{mosimage}Daily Telegraph - By Daniel Hannan MEP: One of the many tragic consequences of the Iraq war is that it has made it harder to act against Iran. The geographical and alphabetical proximity of the two countries tempts us into false comparisons.

{mosimage}The Western Mail - The carnage in Iraq continues to rage with no end in sight, despite attempts by the United States to curb the violence by increasing troop levels and engaging in direct talks with Iran. Ex-MP Win Griffiths gives his view of the situation.

{mosimage}Human Events - by Clare M. Lopez:  Once again, the United States (U.S.) is considering removal of the State Sponsor of Terrorism designation from North Korea -- this in response to reported progess in the long-running effort to get North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons program. Three days of negotiations ended on July 20, with no concrete timeline for North Korea to complete a series of steps agreed upon in February 2007 ...Now, contrast the North Korean situation with that of the Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK), the oldest, best organized, and most dedicated of all the secular democratic Iranian opposition groups.