{mosimage}Human Events - by Jed Babbin: There are those such as former Secretary of State James Baker and future-former Secretary of State Rice who believe that by negotiating with the Iranians we can talk them out of their nuclear ambitions and into helping stabilize Iraq. When challenged, negotiation devotees cannot identify one single instance where negotiations have succeeded in changing the Iranian regime’s behavior. There is none such.
{mosimage}Emporia Gazette - By Antonia Felix: ON JUNE 30, 50,000 Iranian exiles gathered in Paris to show their support for the Iranian resistance, a group that seeks to replace the Islamic fundamentalist regime in Tehran with a secular democracy. Yes, there is a long-standing, internationally supported Iranian resistance. But most Americans, in spite of the White House’s foreign policy focus on democracy building, have never heard of it.
{mosimage}The Hill - By Dick Armey: There is currently no shortage of high-level American attention to Iran. My former colleagues in Congress are working to impose tougher economic pressure and bans on investment in Iran, while the Bush administration is working to marshal stronger international will to enforce the sanctions. But the other part of the Iran equation must be to encourage the kind of peaceful revolution inside Iran that not only Americans desire, but that a majority of the Iranian people themselves want.
BY LORD CARLILE OF BERRIEW Q.C. - June 2007: "Currently before POAC is an application by what is known generally as the PMOI for deproscription. This is an internationally active Iranian opposition group based in Paris. Recent litigation before the EU Court of First Instance has led to international calls for the removal of the PMOI from proscription. I make no comment about the merits. However, having followed closely the progress of the application to POAC, I am concerned by the slowness of the proceedings. There are not many cases heard by POAC, and it is to be hoped that they can be dealt with expeditiously. Hopefully, energetic case management can ensure that no application for deproscription need take more than 6 months from application to decision, save where delays are caused by the applicant."