{mosimage}Financial Times: The European Union is set to strike an exiled Iranian opposition movement off its list of banned terrorist groups, a step likely to anger the authorities in Tehran.

{mosimage}The Sunday Telegraph: If the politicians who run the European Union were found to be acting repeatedly in gross breach of their own law, to appease one of the nastiest regimes in the world – and a senior British minister was found to have seriously misled Parliament in the same cause – might this not be thought worthy of some attention? Yet again last week, unreported here in Britain, the EU was reprimanded by its own courts for refusing to obey their ruling that it had acted illegally in outlawing Iran's main democratic opposition movement, the People's Mujahideen of Iran (PMOI).

{mosimage}AP: Three weeks ago, a hard-line cleric close to Iran's president gloated publicly that the world financial crisis was God's punishment on the United States. The laughter, however, was short-lived.
{mosimage}DER SPIEGEL: Hoping to accommodate Tehran, Brussels placed an Iranian dissident group on the EU list of terrorist organizations -- and got the bloc's agriculture ministers to rubber stamp the decision without any debate. Now lawyers from across Europe are accusing the EU of abusing the law.