{mosimage}BPCIF: MPs and Peers on Thursday condemned new threats by Iraq to forcibly displace several thousand Iranian opposition members from Camp Ashraf.

{mosimage}BPCIF: MPs and Peers from all parties today welcomed a decision by the Spanish central court to investigate the attack in July by Iraq's armed forces on defenceless Iranians based in Camp Ashraf, 60 miles north-east of Baghdad.

{mosimage}BPCIF: Forty seven cross-party MPs and Peers jointly wrote to the Iraqi Prime Minister on Tuesday demanding Iraq releases 36 Iranian refugees whose release order was signed by an Iraqi judge on Monday after two months in detention and on hunger strike.

{mosimage}BPCIF: The blood of unarmed Iranian dissidents being killed and maimed by Iraqi police is on the hands of Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Miliband, a Labour Peer said today.