{mosimage}Commenting on POAC’s decision to refuse leave to appeal, Lord Corbett, chairman of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom, said: “I am not surprised. POAC found, on the facts, that the Home Secretary got the law wrong, ignored the evidence, asked the wrong question and so reached a ‘perverse’ decision.


{mosimage}PRESS RELEASE - At a Parliamentary conference in the House of Commons on Thursday, more than a dozen cross-party parliamentarians from both Houses of Parliament demanded the Government comply with the verdict of the Proscribed Organisations Appeals Commission (POAC) and remove the name of the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI) from the proscribed list of terrorist organisations.


{mosimage}Press release on the POAC decision that the government’s refusal to lift the ban on the PMOI is “perverse” and that the ban should be removed.
"This is an historic day on the road to freedom and democracy for the Iranian people."

{mosimage}150 Parliamentarians sign statement urging referral of Tehran’s human rights file to Security Council

PRESS RELEASE - A cross-party group of lawmakers from both Houses of Parliament on Wednesday denounced recent systematic human rights violations by the Iranian regime and urged the British Government and the European Union to impose comprehensive sanctions against Tehran.