{mosimage}BPCIF: The British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom expresses its deep concern over the threat to pro-democracy demonstrators in Iran who face execution or long imprisonment. It urges immediate international action to save these prisoners.
{mosimage}BPCIF: The British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom, which has the backing of a majority of MPs and 200 Peers, is extremely disturbed by reports of the sudden exclusion by a governmental committee of Dr. Saleh Mutlaq as a candidate in the Iraqi Parliamentary elections.
{mosimage}BPCIF: MPs and Peers on Thursday condemned new threats by Iraq to forcibly displace several thousand Iranian opposition members from Camp Ashraf.
{mosimage}BPCIF: MPs and Peers from all parties today welcomed a decision by the Spanish central court to investigate the attack in July by Iraq's armed forces on defenceless Iranians based in Camp Ashraf, 60 miles north-east of Baghdad.