With more than 20 years of experience and expertise in affairs concerning Iran and the Middle East, the British Committee for Iran Freedom (BCFIF) is the leader for analysis of Iranian affairs.

The Committee has a cross-party membership from both Houses of Parliament. Its membership comprises members of the Parliamentary Select Committees, spokespersons of the main political parties, shadow cabinet ministers, as well as former senior government Ministers.

The Committee’s principal objective is to shape policy on Iran in favour of a firm approach towards Iran’s theocratic regime and support for the Iranian people and their legitimate resistance movement to achieve a secular democracy. The Committee enjoys the support of a majority of MPs and some 200 Peers.

The Committee strives to work for international peace and stability, to which Iran’s regime represents a serious threat. The prospect of “the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism” being armed with nuclear weapons is sobering. To this end, the Committee works to inform the debate about the gross violations of human rights by the Iranian regime, the regime’s export of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism, its fomenting of crises across the Middle East – most notably in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine - and its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

In pursuit of its aims, the Committee enjoys links with government officials, diplomats, Parliamentarians, political parties, professional groups, NGOs, religious leaders, human rights organisations, the media and public.