Cross-party Members of Parliament, Iran experts and representatives of the democratic opposition coalition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), discussed the Iranian regime’s warmongering and appropriate UK policy responses at a meeting in the British Parliament on Tuesday, 28 November.

Speakers agreed that the regime in Iran is the source of conflict in the region as it sees peace and a stable Middle East as a death sentence.

They stressed that the regime’s warmongering is a continuation of its domestic repression, intended to mask and divert international attention from its violent crackdown of the protest movement demanding democratic change and a republic.

The British Committee for Iran Freedom is saddened and appalled by the attempted assassination of the Spanish politician and former Vice-President of the European Parliament, Dr Alejo Vidal-Quadras, in Madrid yesterday.

We wish Dr Vidal-Quadras a swift recovery and express our solidarity with his family.

The British Committee for Iran Freedom is dismayed by the regime in Iran being allowed to chair the 2023 Social Forum of the Human Rights Council due to take place on 2 and 3 November at the UN Headquarters in Geneva and online.

Iran’s chairmanship is an insult to the victims of its state terrorism as well as to the brave Iranian people who are continuing to protest for real democratic change and fundamental rights and freedoms in face of a brutal and thoughtless regime. It is also a serious blow to the reputation of the United Nations as a force for human rights and peace.

Cross-party Members of the Parliament, Middle East and terrorism experts and representatives of various Anglo-Iranian Associations discussed the Iranian regime’s destabilising activities in the region and the future of popular protests in Iran at a meeting in the Parliament on Tuesday, 24 October.