Cross-party Members of the Parliament, Middle East and terrorism experts and representatives of various Anglo-Iranian Associations discussed the Iranian regime’s destabilising activities in the region and the future of popular protests in Iran at a meeting in the Parliament on Tuesday, 24 October.

There is a significant body of support within the United Kingdom Parliament for proscribing the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organisation under the provisions of the Terrorism Act 2000. Such a step would be a clear signal of the United Kingdom’s unwavering determination  to address an issue of the utmost importance for international security.

- Call on the UK Government to urgently proscribe the IRGC; support the popular, democratic alternative represented by the NCRI and its President-elect, Mrs Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan

At a conference in the UK Parliament today, cross-party Members of Parliament, representatives of the democratic Iranian opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and various Anglo-Iranian associations marked the one-year anniversary of the popular uprising in Iran.

Massive protests erupted across Iran following the tragic death of Mahsa Amini last year and have continued despite a violent crackdown by authorities, including the killing of 750 protesters and arresting over 30,000 more including children.

Participants commended the resilience and progress of the anti-regime movement as a reflection of the Iranian people’s strong desire and demand for democratic change.

The British Committee for Iran Freedom urges international bodies to immediately investigate Iranian prisons and visit political prisoners

The British Committee for Iran Freedom strongly condemns the Iranian regime’s violence towards political prisoners. In a recent attack on political prisoners held captive in Ward 8 of the notorious Evin prison, prisoners were severely beaten and transferred to Ghezel Hesar Prison. They are now being held separately in appalling conditions and their lives are at serious risk.