The Evening Standard: A danger of foreign intervention is that you don't always know who you are dealing with. "Rebels" could mean anything. The Libyan opposition look brave to me, but any protest can be hijacked, whether by anarchists in Parliament Square or Islamist opportunists in Libya.

Is this scepticism behind our failure to help the 3,400 Iranian exiles at Camp Ashraf in Iraq? 

Thirty-four people have been killed by Iraqi Government forces, apparently at the behest of Iran. Now the the camp is threatened with annihilation. 

At Camp Ashraf, the residents have "protected person" identity cards, authorised by the US. Yet they are not. When I last raised the status of Camp Ashraf, foreign journalists warned me that the refugees, who form the National Council of Resistance to Iran, are Islamist Marxists. In London, I have only met gentle, educated representatives of the NCRI, who describe themselves as secular and moderate. Are they being maligned, or is the West being duped? I would like to hear William Hague on the subject.