Emphasis on the imperative of disbanding the IRGC

More than a hundred European and Arab lawmakers endorsed a cross-party statement, condemning, “The brutal suppression inside Iran like the carnage of more than 1,500 people in November 2019 uprising,” and continuing “terrorist plots against its opponents, examples of which have happened in recent years in France, Albania, Denmark and Netherlands leading to the expulsion of seven diplomats of the regime and the trial of one diplomat and a number of its terrorists in Europe.” The signatories demanded that the United Nations Security Council Resolutions be re-imposed against the Iranian regime.

The signatories, from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Switzerland, Jordan and Egypt, urged their respective governments to “Take every necessary measure to maintain arms embargo on Iran. No country should sell weapons to Iran and Iranian regime should not be allowed to sell or send arms to anyone.

The statement reads, “The Iranian regime has actively been involved in war-mongering activities in the region. It is refusing to fully cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over the JCPOA and is clearly violating many clauses of the JCPOA and the Resolution 2231 of the UN Security Council including the degree of Uranium enrichment, its accumulation and the number of centrifuges.

The Iranian people have repeatedly cried out in their street protests that they need their national wealth to be spent on the people’s welfare and basic public services particularly at present in confronting Covid-19. They do not need Uranium enrichment facilities; they do not favour ballistic missiles programs; they denounce expenditure of their money for war-mongering activities and meddling in the Middle East countries,” reads the statement.

The statement adds, “We support the call by the leader of the Iranian Resistance that the country does not need two armies. IRGC must be disbanded and the money allocated to the IRGC and its destructive programs must be spent to improve people’s life.

British Committee for Iran Freedom

1 September 2020