Conservative parliamentarians today discussed the current situation in Iran and its democratic future at a conference in Parliament with members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and the Anglo-Iranian community.

Mr Hossein Abedini, Deputy Director of the NCRI Office in the UK, was invited to address the conference and described the NCRI’s platform for a democratic republic in Iran:

“The ongoing uprising in Iran has all the hallmarks of a new revolution and this is what the Iranian people are calling it. The situation will not go back to the past. What is taking place in Iran will now lead to the downfall of the regime and the establishment of a republic because the people of Iran reject both the Shah’s and Mullahs’ dictatorship”. Mr Abedini also recounted a timeline of the NCRI’s revelations of Tehran’s clandestine nuclear programme.

“Iran has a viable alternative, a democratic alternative that has resistance units spreading the anti-regime protests and has an articulated democratic platform in the 10-point plan for the future of Iran presented by the NCRI President-elect, Mrs Maryam Rajavi”, he added.

Rt Hon David Jones MP emphasised in his opening remarks that the regime in Tehran only understands the language of firmness and said, “The NCRI continues to expose the regime’s many malign activities and serious threats from human rights violations to terrorism to the pursuit of a nuclear weapon and missile programme, while also helping the Iranian people form resistance units that organised and spread the anti-regime protests across the country".

Bob Blackman MP said, “The NCRI and Mrs Maryam Rajavi have a 10-point democratic plan and endeavour to secure free and fair elections in Iran after the regime is overthrown so that the Iranian people can elect their government of choice.”

“We had a debate on Iran in the House of Commons on 12 January and I can tell you that it is the settled view of the entire House that the IRGC should be proscribed. I also believe that the UK should now cut all diplomatic ties with Tehran because the regime uses its diplomats and diplomatic protection to spread terrorism as we saw with an Iranian diplomat who was sentenced to 20-years in prison for trying to bomb NCRI’s annual gathering for a free Iran in Paris”, he add

Dr Tahar Boumedra, said, “Iran’s current constitution makes it possible for the people to change the regime. The same constitution makes it an obligation to interfere in the neighbouring countries to bring them under the leadership of Velayat-e Faqih (Supreme Leader), so the regime interferes in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria.”

“The current uprising of the people of Iran is a mandate for regime change regardless of the UN's attitude. And, the NCRI is the viable alternative because it has a clear democratic plan.”

Miss Azadeh Zabeti, co-president of the Anglo-Iranian Lawyers, and Dr. Elahe Zabihi, university lecturer and President of the Women for Free Iran Association, also spoke at the conference on behalf of the Anglo-Iranian community. They emphasised in their remarks that the people of Iran reject both the regime as well as the previous dictatorship of the Shah.

In terms of what a future Iran can and should look like, we need look no further than Mrs. Rajavi’s Ten Point plan for a future Iran, they reiterated recommending the Conservative parliamentarians study the platform.

Rt Hon David Jones MP

30 January 2023