There is a significant body of support within the United Kingdom Parliament for proscribing the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organisation under the provisions of the Terrorism Act 2000. Such a step would be a clear signal of the United Kingdom’s unwavering determination  to address an issue of the utmost importance for international security.

Given the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, it is now more urgent than ever to proscribe the IRGC. The region is in pressing need of stability, and the designation of the IRGC would be a critical step towards achieving that goal.

The role of the Iranian regime and the IRGC in providing weapons, financial support, and training to terrorist groups, as well as their involvement in fomenting violence and conflict in the region, is undeniable. Their actions have exacerbated conflicts and hindered the path to peace.

We strongly believe that the proscription of the IRGC is not only a global necessity, but also in the interests of our own national security. It is imperative to protect our citizens from the threats posed by this organisation. The Security Service and Metropolitan Police, last year alone, detected 15 Iranian-inspired murder and kidnap plots on British soil.

We strongly commend Iran's democratic opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and its President-elect, Mrs Maryam Rajavi, for exposing the crimes committed by the IRGC against the Iranian people and highlighting its destructive role in the region, as well as advocating for its proscription for several years.

In addition to its international activities, the IRGC is also deeply engaged in the domestic suppression of the Iranian people, who, during the 2022 nationwide uprising, emphatically rejected all forms of dictatorship, whether the current theocracy or the Shah's tyranny.

We firmly believe that the root of many of the problems in the region lies with the Iranian regime, and the ultimate solution to these issues is regime change by the Iranian people on their own terms  and organised peaceful resistance.

We call upon our Government to recognise the urgency of proscribing the IRGC as a terrorist organisation. Such a decision would constitute  a significant step towards peace, stability, and justice in the Middle East and beyond.

British Committee for Iran Freedom

23 October 2023