UK delegation at the Free Iran: The Alternative Gathering in Paris, 30 June 2018

On the eve of a visit by Hassan Rouhani to Switzerland and Austria, Belgian prosecutors announced today the arrest of two Iranians in Belgium and an Iranian “diplomat” in Germany for “attempted terrorist murder and the preparation of a terrorist offence.

MPs celebrate Nowruz with the Anglo-Iranian Community in Westminster, 28 March 2018

Cross-party MPs back the popular call for democratic change in Iran and urge the Government to recognise the NCRI as a viable alternative to the current theocracy

Women Conference, Houses of Parliament, 28 February 2018

Cross-party members from both Houses of Parliament: UK must use its voice in the UN to support Iranian people’s democratic aspirations and the struggle of women for freedom

1988 Massacre in Iran
Conference in the House of Commons, MPs and Peers discuss the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran (archive, 2016)


The Iranian Justice Minister is a known perpetrator of the 1988 massacre of 30.000 political prisoners, one of the greatest unanswered crimes in Iran’s modern history.

The British Committee for Iran Freedom is shocked over the reports of Iranian Justice Minister Ali-reza Avaee’s plan to visit the United Nations headquarters in Geneva to address the UN Human Rights Council next week.